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December 2017

Part of my master in Development, we have learned how to develop Android mobile apps. I wasn't though, a big fan of Java.

Yet, I achieve my mobile app by following tutorials and all.

Still, I wanted to get myself another experience with a mobile app but mainly, with cross mobile apps.

React was the talk of the town and it seems smart to add a React experience into my resume. I'm not lying, that was the motivation.

Motivation is what kept me going when developing this app! Oh lord, if I knew it would be such a fight with my IDE, Xcode, Genymotion, virtual servers and so on, I would have probably not done it.

I am still missing the 'deploy my app on the marketplace', but one day, for sure...

This app is the mobile version of the Should I Buy The Bag web app that I had developed a few months before. It seemed like an easy way to start playing with React Native.

Still incredibly proud to have finished this app in a new language only a couple of months after being graduated!

You can read more about my approach to React Native in my article 'On being a Junior dev'.



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