Entrenous: find bars & cafés between you and your friends!

December 2016

entrenous was first a 2 months school project part of my master in programming. I was looking for ideas on Twitter searching "app idea" and the "an app helps you find bars or coffee places halfway between me and my friends" came up a lot. It was indeed, a smart app idea!

2 months later, the first draft was presented to my class and received good feedback. After I graduated, I decided to return on this project and make it better.

Today it's a V2 offering to the user a nice way to find places, including now restaurants and traveling mode. User can see pictures from the place and decide to wether visit the profil place page or save the place in his favorites.

It's a very useful and simple app to find cool places in our favorite area.


PHP and framework Codeigniter

Google Map API

The unseperable front-end gang: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Jquery & Javascript

MySQL database


Google Analytics


Bitly API

Google Tag Manager


OVH shared hosting server

Github Desktop

FTP protocol

  • Should I Buy The Bag?

Should I Buy The Bag?

August 2017

Okay, a little back story here: I used to blog about affordable fashion and give tips on how to shop responsibly. I stop the blog but not the smart shopping advices.

So, this summer, when a friend of mine asked my opinion on wether to buy this unecessary but cute luxury bag, I drawed her a decisional diagram and posted it on Instagram. Someone commented "Can I use it for a infographic?" which made me think that, well, I'm a developer now, I can develop that.

The app is a simple Yes/No test according to a very precise order of questions to help the user responsabileiz itself on how to shop smart. Gifs are being used to give a little attitude to the answer.

The cool part is the collect of data from the answer and the "stats page" displaying interesting results...


PHP and framework Codeigniter

The unseperable front-end gang: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Jquery & Javascript

MySQL database


Google Analytics



Google Font

Google Adsense

Google Tag Manager


OVH shared hosting server

Github Desktop

FTP protocol

  • Should I Buy The Bag?

  • Mobile App

Should I Buy The Bag - Mobile App

December 2017

I wanted to build a mobile app and I've heard a lot about React. So I try to build a crossmobile app of my web project Should I Buy The bag.

So I did!


React Native

  • Bon Cheap Bon Genre

Bon Cheap Bon Genre

Mars 2018

So... Remember the "I used to be a blogger" story? Well, Bon Cheap Bon Genre was the blog, started in 2010 but died in 2017 after my studies in programmation. No link. Lately, I've decided to use this domain and the 7 years built audience to promote fashion clothes, books and more to come.

The site has a backoffice to easily adding new articles.


Python & Flask

Postgres database

Front-end Gang


Jinja2 template

Facebook - Instagram API


Google Analytics

Google Font

Google Adsense


Google Tag Manager

TradeDoubler Affilation program

Amazon Partenaires


Heroku hosting

Gunicorn server


Digital Skills

Back-end languages

PHP framework Wordpress, Symfony 3/4, CodeIgniter

Python framework Flask


NodeJs framework Express

Database languages




Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Tag Manager, Adsense



Digital Skills


OVH, shared host

FTP process



Git, Gitlab

Digital Marketing



Social Media Strategy

Content Marketing

anais gueyte web developer

On Being a Junior Web developer

The story on how far the "I can do it" attitude can lead you


On Developing A Shopping Assistant App: Should I Buy The Bag?

Or the story on how I make my friends getting addicted to being in a shopping crisis

should i buy the bag shopping assistant app

Fun Facts

I used to be a fashion writer!

From 2011 to 2015, I wrote a fashion column for French magazine "Ici Londres" in London and "Le petit journal Berlin" in Berlin.

This extra activity gave me the privilege to attend fashion weeks in London and Berlin during those 5 years.

I ran a half-marathon!

I am a passionate jogger and run since I am a teenager, for fun.

Today, I'm proud to have in my record of achievements:

  • 2012 - 10km in Hyde Park London race: 1'00''
  • 2014 - 12km in Tempelhofer field Berlin: 1'14''
  • 2016 - 20km Montpellier race: 1'57''
  • 2018 - 10Km quais de Seine Paris: 49''

I can save lives!

In 2017 I passed the European First Aid Certificate in order to become a volunteer firstaider for humanitarian charities such as Red Cross or the French 'Protection Civile'

I was finalist for the Most Original CV in 2014!

Summer 2014, as I was looking for a new position, I decided to customized my tote bag and tell the world I was actively searching for a new job.

The motto was "It's not written on my face that I am looking for a job so I'll say it on my bag!"

I finished amongst 10 others creative participants.

I have visited 25 countries!

And countless cities, mainly in Europe but also in the United States of America, South Africa, and Japan.

I speak languages!

As I lived in England and Germany for a while, I am now fluent in English and have strong notions of German.

At school, I have also learned Spanish and I still have the basis for understanding and speaking.

And I am French...

Ladies of Code_ Paris Meetup

On being Junior Dev

May 23th, I attended the Ladies Of Code Paris Meetup where I share my experience as junior web developer trying to create and deploy websites online, by my own.

should i buy the bag shopping assistant app

madame anais gueyte web developer
Passionate web developer
Loving Digital strategies
Curious of UX